Recently Trained Volunteer: Lynn

I have become a volunteer as I was at a stage in my career and my life where I was looking to do something else. My child is 12 and he has just started senior school so he does not need me as much. I went back to university, finishing last June, and I thought it was about I time I really put something back into the community in which I live.

I had done a psychology degree and it had got me interested in child development. I started to have a look around and went into Cotswolds Volunteers in Cirencester and they went through a number of opportunities with me. I went through quite a few things before I found Home-Start. What attracted me was the opportunity to work with families with children under 5, but also the training that was being offered seemed to be a structured, supported, way of getting to be a really useful volunteer, as opposed to presenting myself to an organisation and just hoping for the best, which I know has happened to some of my fellow students.

On the course I met my other fellow volunteers and it was just terrific. Talk about the most amazing bunch of people, a huge cross section of backgrounds and life experiences. It was one of the best run courses I have ever been on. And I have been on lots of courses with my background in human resources! It was well structured, very professionally produced and the material was excellent. Also it was tailored by the inclusion of lots of local experiences and case studies (obviously anonymous) and speakers from local services and organisations. It was a great course and if you did miss bits it was structured so you could easily pick it up and Katharine and Janice were absolutely terrific at delivering it as well.

We are all already skilled as mums and dads and also have skills in lots of different ways that we don’t even think about….. nevertheless we have all got experiences. My little boy was very premature so I have got that experience of having gone through special care and I had not really realised that this personal experience could make a difference when talking to a Home-Start family.


L to R: Volunteers Chrissie, Lynn and Trish

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